LLC Shakespeare is not cancelled ;)

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    Sujata Iyengar

    I am pleased to report that the MLA Executive has approved the renewal of the LLC Shakespeare Forum for another five years, following a successful review.  (Ignore my clickbait subject header: this is a ROUTINE review that ALL groups must undergo regularly.)

    I’m attaching the report so that the membership can see the suggestions made from the Board. They recommend that we use HCommons more, including the discussion board, so I’m going to try to do that — right now I think the conversation is mostly on Twitter (where I’m not, and where I don’t want to go) and Facebook (which is mostly announcements now, IMO).

    I’d rather support a non-profit group such as MLA/HCommons than Twitter/Facebook/Insta/TikTok etc., but I do wonder how we could get any traction on this board or within HCommons?

    Maybe I’ll start a new thread that is an “AMA: Your friendly Forum reps”?

    –Sujata, current Secretary, next year’s Prez of LLC Shakespeare

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