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  • La Mueva Jenerasion: Contemporary Sephardic Production  
    Uploaded by Bryan Kirschen on 12 February 2014.

    Call for Papers

    The Sephardic Studies Discussion Group of the MLA announces a call for papers for the 2015 MLA Convention in Vancouver, BC. This panel seeks proposals of 200 words that explore the use of Judeo-Spanish in literary and cinematic expression post-1992. How and why is the language used today?

    For this panel, we are interested in poetry, novels, cinema, and theatre where Judeo-Spanish is utilized throughout. Some key questions we seek to explore include: 1) How is the language represented and for how much of the production does it account? 2) Which dialect is used by the author and/or characters, and what purpose does this serve?

    Presenters must be members of the MLA. The Sephardic Studies Discussion Group subscribes to the policies and guidelines of the MLA. For additional information please visit: .

    Please email your proposal with the subject line “Sephardic Studies Abstract” no later than 15 March 2014 to Bryan Kirschen, Chair of the Sephardic Studies Discussion Group, at .