CFPs for MLA 2022 from HEP Part-time and Contingent Faculty Issues Forum

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    Pamela Lim-McAlister

    Dear colleagues,

    We are excited to share our three CFPs from the HEP Part-time and Contingent Faculty Issues Forum for MLA 2022. Please read the details below and submit an abstract and short bio by March 15. We are looking forward to a terrific convention in D.C. and would love for YOU to be a panelist in one of our sessions. Please share these CFPs with colleagues. Thank you for your interest and assistance, apologies for the cut-and-paste job, and see you at MLA 2022!

    HEP Part-Time and Contingent Faculty Issues: Calls for Papers

    1. Building Bridges and Breaking Down Walls: The Teaching of World Literature in English

    Studying world languages and literature provides a window into other cultures. Panelists discuss how … See more

    Pamela A. Lim-McAlister, U of California, Berkeley


    2. Part-time Faculty, Full-time Global Citizen

    As well as being a questionable labor practice, does the faculty gig economy truly serve students at … See more

    Veronica Popp, Texas Woman\’s U


    3. Expanding International Vistas: Views from Here and Abroad

    International students bring perspectives — about their previous language and culture and adopted s … See more

    Maria Shine Stewart, Notre Dame College

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