Voting for Forum Executive Committee and Nomination Process (LLC 18th-C. French)

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    Annelle Curulla

    Please do not forget to vote for the next delegate (executive committee member) for the LLC 18th-Century French forum.

    Our two candidates this year are Yann ROBERT and Tracy RUTLER. The deadline is very close: December 10. Here is the link:

    The Executive Committee is seeking nomination proposals from LLC 18th-Century French forum members for the fall 2019 forum executive elections.

    In order to propose a name, you will first need to go to the MLA election page here:

    At the end of the voting process, you be able to make a suggestion. At this point, you will be asked to verify membership for your proposed candidate by entering his or her name.  You will then confirm your nomination proposal. It is very quick and simple.

    –Laurence Mall, LLC 18th-Century French Forum Executive Committee

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