CFP MLA 2019: Fragile Sovereignty, Precarious Transactions

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    Jen Boyle

    2019 MLA Convention

    Special Session CFP

    Fragile Sovereignty, Precarious Transactions

    The promise of becoming in mediated transactions is fragile and unpredictable. Such transactions

    might act as an instrument of interpellation that produces sovereign subjects, on the one hand,

    and precarious objects, on the other hand. Or, as is often the case, mediated exchanges allow for

    the emergence of complex identity positions that are simultaneously objects and subjects, whose

    sovereignty shades into precarity, and vice versa. Such transactions are also inherently dependent

    upon various states of mediation and the transactions of media, across material, aesthetic, and

    political strata. Joanna Zylinska has suggested that new attention to the transactional power and

    particulars of mediation might intervene in the rhetorical excesses of non-human and post-human

    discourses in the interest of a “media-ecological perspective.” If precarity emerges, as Judith

    Butler contends, in the failure of interpellation, it is nonetheless, as Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing

    argues, the condition of vulnerability.

    In response to the MLA’s 2019 Presidential Theme, “Textual Transactions,” this session invites

    papers to consider forms of sovereignty, precarity, and fragility as effects and producers of

    mediated transactions: textual, material, digital, visual, and aural. All approaches and periods

    welcome. 250-word abstract by 10 March 2018; Jen Boyle ( and Wan-

    Chuan Kao (

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