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    Suzanne Blum Malley

    The RCWS Literacy Studies Forum was approved in November 2014. If you’d like to take a look at the proposal document, it is posted in the “Files” section of this site.

    As a new forum, we are able to put out a CFP for a Literacy Studies sponsored panel at MLA 2016 and we will hold elections this year for a 5th executive committee member. As those things develop, we will post updates in and seek feedback in this space.

    The current executive committee consists of: Jim King (Chair 2015-2016), Cheryl E. Ball (Chair 2016-2017), Suzanne Blum Malley (Chair 2017-2018), and Alanna Frost (Chair 2018-2019), new elected member (Chair 2019-2020).

    We hope to encourage robust conversation surrounding a wide range of approaches to the study of literacies related to Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies and we welcome your participation!


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