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    Habiba Ibrahim

    Every year, Forum executive committees appoint one new member annually to their committees. This year, the Race and Ethnicity Studies Forum executive committee seeks self-nominations and suggestions for a new committee member from our membership so as to allow for broad participation. Our hope is that broad participation will ensure diversity of many sorts on this forum executive committee.
    To self-nominate or to suggest a nomination, please consider the following:

    • Only current MLA members are eligible for appointment.
    • Seven convention years must elapse before an individual can serve another term on the same executive committee.
    • No member may serve on more than one executive committee at a given time.


    Please send your self-nominations and suggestions to the TC Race and Ethnicity Studies Forum executive committee chair, Habiba Ibrahim, at Submissions should be sent no later than Sunday, January 22nd, 2023 at 5pm PST.

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