Nomination to Forum Executive Committee — Candidate Statement

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    Nathan Gorelick

    Dear members of the Forum on Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Literature,

    I am writing to request your support for my nomination to the forum’s Executive Committee. If elected, I would join the committee after the 2019 convention in January.

    For three years (2016-2018), I served as the forum’s representative to the MLA Delegate Assembly, which provided me with direct experience regarding the Association’s governance structure, deliberation process, and leadership. During that time, I attended every one of the forum’s sponsored panels at the annual convention and helped plan several of them. I have also participated in three forum panels over the last several years: “Psychoanalysis and the Law” (2015) “Heidegger and Lacan” (2016) and “Islam and Psychoanalysis” (2017).

    I am eager to continue my involvement with the forum, first, because I believe in the cause of psychoanalysis, which I understand both theoretically and ethically to mean a fidelity to the work of the unconscious in both clinical and critical contexts; I therefore feel it is academically and politically important to maintain and extend our visibility throughout the MLA community. I want to continue contributing to this effort, and have the administrative and academic experience to do so. In addition, I have worked closely with existing members of the Executive Committee, established and emergent scholars, and psychoanalytically informed non-members to develop important conversations about the vital contributions our field can make to exigent social issues and other disciplines. Finally, I am not the subject-supposed-to-know. I want to invite new, cross-disciplinary and comparative perspectives, and would be excited to receive and realize input from you, the membership at-large, to help demonstrate how and why psychoanalysis is more relevant today than ever.

    I can be reached at and hope you will not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

    You can vote through the “Governance” tab in the “About Us” section of the MLA’s website.

    Thanks very much for your consideration and support.

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