Executive Committee Candidate's Statement–Dorothy Stringer

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    Dorothy Stringer

    Greetings, everyone! I’ve been nominated for a seat on the Executive Committee, so I’d like to tell the membership a little about myself. I work in African American and US 20th-century literatures. My first book was on trauma theory and references to slavery in modern literature and photography, and my current project describes appropriations, revisions, and critiques of psychoanalytic theory by African American novelists including Wright, Hurston, Brooks, and Baldwin. I’ve also published on contemporary writers Samuel R. Delany and Junot Diaz. Across all my work, I’m deeply interested in vernacular and unofficial psychoanalytic thinking, particularly that of BIPOC fiction writers, and the ways in which canonical psychological theory escapes institutional contexts. I also teach as a full-time, non-tenured faculty member at Temple University in Philadelphia. Thanks very much for your time and attention, and I hope to “see” you at the Convention in January!

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