CFP–MLA Session 2018: Literary Studies and the Public Humanities

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    Roberta Rosenberg

    Roundtable on Literary Study and the Public Humanities: “What should ‘Next Generation’ Humanities Education look like? What should it do?”

    In the past several years, the NEH and other educational institutions across the United States have called for new ways of imagining graduate degrees in literature and the humanities.  Although there is consensus that literature programs will be invigorated by pedagogies that inspire students to consider a range of roles and careers in various social sectors within and beyond the academy, the challenge is to do so without diluting the rigorous attention to literary texts as intricate and complex objects of study.  This roundtable will gather practitioners and theorists to address such questions as what is now being done in graduate and undergraduate institutions to demonstrate the potential of literary study to promote civic engagement? How does such an emphasis change the curriculum and course-work of literary study? What outcomes/products does it generate? This session invites papers on pedagogy now in practice as well as plans to reconfigure the future of literary study. Papers describing particular curricular suggestions, writing assignments, and other pedagogical activities are also welcome.  We especially invite papers on programs being developed under the NEH Next-Generation and other similar grants.  Also of interest are papers from faculty teaching public humanities courses that encourage students to create public exhibits, conferences, workshops, educational brochures, oral histories, grant proposals, media and book campaigns, public reading/discussion groups or digital bibliographies of archived materials. Deadline for submissions, March 1, 2017 to Roberta Rosenberg, or Margaret Maurer,

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