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    Jonathan Grossman

    I just wanted to post here to let everyone on this group know that I am running for the MLA Prose Fiction executive committee. One of the basic jobs of this position is choosing topics for the guaranteed MLA panels, and I promise to think broadly and openly about formulating those. (In fact, I think it would be a good idea to solicit suggestions here & have a discussion of it, when the time comes.) To the extent, I participate in running any of those MLA sessions, I also would be committed to ensuring open access and a fair judging process. I will commit to being at MLA for the years I am serving and to bringing forward and discussing any issues or opportunities that come up here (this is my first foray into MLA Commons) or elsewhere that concern our group. I will also see what new ideas I can think of myself! I am deeply committed to the academic research and discussion of prose fiction; you can see what I work on at


    Jonathan H. Grossman
    UCLA English Department
    Co-Editor Nineteenth-Century Literature

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