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    Jonathan Grossman

    Do people approve of this as an avatar for our GS Prose Fiction forum?

    I thought this allusion to Don Quixote might work because it also gets in a Modernist ref (with the Picasso) as well as contemporary fiction. Plus it is slightly amusing.

    The first English use of the term “prose fiction” appears to occur in Schlegel’s Lectures on the History of Literature when he is discussing Don Quixote, so it seems fitting. I can see that it is a bit traditionalist, canonical.

    It needn’t be permanent; we could consider other avatars, at other times. (I would crop this image & have the licence.)

    Let me know if it offends! If not, I will make it our avatar.

    All best,



    Justin Bendell

    Works for me!



    Jennifer Wicke

    Love it–and it is both overdetermined and witty!


    Thanks for thinking of this on the group’s behalf, Jonathan.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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