Disability accommodations for authors

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    Tekla Babyak

    I’m an MLA member who works on intersections between 19th-century literature, philosophy, and music. I’m reaching out to this group with a question: do you know of any academic presses that are willing to make accommodations for disabled authors?

    My situation is that I’m a disabled independent scholar (PhD, Musicology, Cornell, 2014) who has multiple sclerosis. I’ve already published a number of articles and chapters in my fields of German and French music and philosophy. I’m currently working on expanding my research into an academic book project. Before submitting a proposal or contacting any editors, however, I’d appreciate suggestions for which presses might be willing to honor my access needs. The disability accommodation that I need is for the editors and peer reviewers to be kind, supportive, and encouraging when giving me feedback, as I have an MS-related anxiety disorder.

    I would be very grateful for any suggestions, either as a public reply or privately through email. My email address is tbb8@cornell.edu.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Tekla Babyak (she/her)

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