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Newscall for discussion of 3 financing of HE proposals: 2 omit PTF fair pay!

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    Margaret Hanzimanolis

    The Campaign for Higher Ed (CFHE) is circulating a set of three papers that aim to get folks thinking about how higher ed might be financed. One of them, Bob Samuels’ “Free Higher Ed” is most promising, but it does not seem to account for the cost to raise PTF up to “equal pay for equal work” status–about $32,000,000 per year by my rough calculations. IN fact, none of the CFHE papers takes into account the enormous $$ factor of the uncompensated or undercompensated work that nearly a million PTF do in higher education today (720,000 in 2009 according to IPEDS–and with the “downturn” the reliance on PTF has actually grown–I would estimate 850,000 or more PTF working in higher ed today).

    There is a press release and news call going on Feb 12. Here’s the details:

    Press call on the funding papers to take place on Tuesday, February 12, at 10 AM (Pacific) and 1 PM (Eastern). The press release going out today is attached.

    Papers can be found here after that:


    Tuesday, February 12, 10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

    Call (800) 553-0273 / Ask for “Campaign for the Future of Higher Education”

    • The three authors of working papers on new ways to fund higher education will explain their proposals and take questions from the news media, including campus reporters and education bloggers.

    • The briefing begins a drive by CFHE for faculty to step up our role in the search for new possibilities that will save access to higher education and strengthen our nation’s middle class.

    • The briefing takes place on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Lincoln signed the 1862 Morrill Act that initiated America’s public higher education system, starting with Land Grant Colleges. Today that system spans the nation but is on the road to elimination.

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