IONA Conference, April 2019, in Vancouver

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    Jay Paul Gates

    Dear Colleagues:
    Registration is open for the IONA conference on early medieval Britain, Ireland, and Scandinavia. The conference is interdisciplinary, experimental, and collaborative. Seminars, labs, and workshops open to all registrants and there are four great headlining plenaries. Please consider coming to Vancouver in the spring to take part. Hotel and welcome talk spaces are filling. Description and websites below.

    Best regards,Matt
    ***Matthew HusseyDepartment of EnglishSimon Fraser University

    IONA: Seafaring is an international conference on the islands of the North Atlantic that brings together scholars of early medieval Ireland, Britain, and Scandinavia to imagine cooperative, interdisciplinary futures for the study of North Atlantic archipelagos during the early medieval period. The conference will be held at Simon Fraser University at the downtown campus in Vancouver, BC, April 10-13, 2019. IONA provides a space and opportunity for collaborative and experimental approaches to early medieval studies of Scandinavia, Ireland, and Britain. The conference is interdisciplinary and transnational, with seminars, workshops, and labs designed and organized by participants. IONA in Vancouver will focus on decolonizing early medieval studies, with multiple sessions on denationalization, indigenization, and deperiodization, but also with sessions on theoretical approaches such as archive studies, affect theory, and landscape studies, as well as hands-on sessions on such skills as textile production, paleography, and medieval Welsh and Irish.

    TalksEldon Yellowhorn (Archeology and First Nations Studies, Simon Fraser University)
    “Understanding Blackfoot Antiquity on the Northern Plains of North America during the Medieval Period”

    Elaine Treharne (English, Stanford University)“‘Yn ol cynefin gynt’: What does it mean to ‘belong’ in Medieval Studies?”

    Nicola Griffith (award-winning novelist and essayist, author of Hild (2013))“The Personal is Political and Scholarly and Creative”
    Abraham Anghik Ruben (Order of Canada sculptor)“Similar in Spirit: Norse and Inuit Interactions”


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