MLA 2023 Middle English Forum Convention Sessions and Call for Nominations

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    Robert J. Meyer-Lee

    Dear Middle English Forum members,

    Below is the information for the three sessions that our forum is sponsoring or cosponsoring, with links to session abstracts. We are also seeking nominations, including self-nominations, for appointment to the Middle English Forum Executive Committee. The term will be for five years, from January 2024 through January 2029. Only current MLA members are eligible for appointment. Candidates cannot already be serving on another forum executive committee (unless their term ends in January of 2023) and cannot have served on the executive committee to which they are being appointed after 2016. Before becoming recognized committee members, appointees must agree to accept their appointments.  Please submit nominations to Bobby Meyer-Lee ( by January 3, 2023.

    Sessions (local time):

    Hope to see you there!


    The Middle English Forum Executive Committee: Tom Prendergast, Susan Nakely, Bobby Meyer-Lee, Claire Waters, Ruen-chuan Ma, and Nicole Rice

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