The LLC Occitan forum seeks to promote scholarly activity regarding the language, literature, and culture of Occitania, those regions where langue d’oc (sometimes called Provençal, after one specific area, Provence) is and has been spoken. This language flourished in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, notably in the hands of the vernacular poets known as troubadours and trobaraitz. Though its survival is threatened, various dialects continue to exist in southern France, Catalonia, and Italy.

The current executive committee includes Michelle Bolduc, Sarah-Grace Heller, Court Wells, Sarah Kay, and Jesús Rodríguez-Velasco.

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Troubadour Publics and Public Troubadours: Abstracts for MLA Convention 2016

International politics and troubadour rhetoric: the survival of the fittest Bill Burgwinkle, University of Cambridge The description of rhetorician, […]

Sarah-Grace Heller 4 August 2015 4 August 2015 Catalonia, exchange, France, Italy, lyric, market, Occitania, payment, poetry, price, private, provençal, public, rhetoric, secret, Troubadour, value
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