Suggestions for 2024 CLCS Nordic Executive Council Member

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    Jenna Coughlin

    The current members of the Executive Council for the CLCS Nordic Forum are seeking nominations and/or self-nominations for a 2024 Executive Council appointee. Rather than holding elections as in the past, the Executive Council is responsible for nominating a new member whose term will begin Monday, 8 January 2024. Executive Council members serve for five years. Responsibilities include two meetings annually, in addition to attending the MLA Conference. The eligibility requirements are as follows:

    • Only current MLA members are eligible for appointment.
    • Seven convention years must elapse before an individual can serve another term on the same executive committee.
    • No member may serve on more than one executive committee at a given time.


    Those interested in nominating or self-nominating potential appointees to the Executive Committee should contact the current chair, Jenna Coughlin (

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