Seeking delegate for 3 year term for Nonfiction Prose committee

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    The person elected in 2019 will serve in the assembly from 13 January 2020 through the close of the January 2023 convention (a term of three convention years).

    General Responsibilities of Delegates.Delegates are expected to represent the professional interests and concerns of their colleagues, particularly those whom they represent. Their term of office is approximately three years (in this instance, 13 January 2020 through the close of the January 2023 convention), and delegates are expected to participate in the meetings of the assembly held during their term of office (at the annual conventions of January 2021 [to be held in Toronto], January 2022 [to be held in Washington, DC], and January 2023 [location not yet determined]). The participation of all elected delegates is essential to the success of the assembly. Financing of the costs of travel or attendance is generally notavailable from the MLA. The MLA is willing to send a letter to whatever officer a delegate may designate at his or her institution, urging local support. (Note: Delegates who are graduate students, non-tenure-track faculty members, unemployed members, or regular or life members residing outside the United States and Canada may be eligible for a grant to help defray the cost of travel to the convention. The MLA Web site has information about these grants; go to and then click on the appropriate link.)

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