CFP: Reckonings of Objectivity and Subjectivity in Nonfiction–MLA 2023

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    Douglas Hesse

    Call for Proposals

    “Reckonings of Objectivity, Subjectivity, and Related Issues in Writing and Teaching Nonfiction” 

    Just-in-Time Roundtable for MLA, January 2023

    Proposals Due September 20, Noon EDT

    Questions of the extent to which nonfiction is/should/can be “objective fact” are by now so familiar as to strike many writers and teachers as exhausted. And, truly, creative nonfiction has always benefited from, even required the subjectivities of its writers. Still, the tension between these terms remains productively vexed. As things stand in fall 2022, then, what should writers and teachers make of the interplay of objectivity and subjectivity—make of it artistically, ethically, politically, and so on?  The Nonfiction Prose Executive Committee aspires to host a Just-in-Time Roundtable conversation at the January 2023 MLA Convention in San Francisco to explore these questions. To those ends, we invite brief proposals for 5-10 minute discussion-starter talks on this general theme. Please email a 50-100 description of a perspective or practice for which you’d like to speak, along with a title and your full contact information, to (Doug Hesse) by Noon ET, September 20, 2022. (Our proposal deadline to MLA is 9/22.)

    Thank you,

    The MLA Nonfiction Forum Executive Committee

    Michelle Chihara, Chair

    Doug Hesse, Secretary (2023 chair)

    Anish Dave (2024 chair)

    Jenny Cookson (2025 chair)

    Mary-Kim Arnold (2026 chair)

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