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MSA Members! Call to Vote on Bylaws!

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    Janine M. Utell

    From Matt Hart, President of MSA, on Behalf of the Executive Committee of the MSA:

    The Executive Committee of the MSA has proposed creating two new elected voting Trustees of the Association with the aim of being more responsive to the full range of its membership: Contingent Faculty Representative and Graduate Student Representative.

  Because creating these new positions requires amending Article IV of the MSA’s Constitution and Bylaws, we now need your vote on these proposals.

    And because we need a quorum of 20% of the membership to decide the matter, we really need your vote!

    A description of the two new positions can be found on the ballot. Please also note that, in order to stagger the dates at which Trustees join and leave the Executive Committee, the inaugural Contingent Faculty Representative will serve a three-year term, after which the position will revert to the two year term described below.

    Please visit to read the proposed alterations to Article IV of the MSA’s Constitution and Bylaws. Emended or new text is marked in red. The emended text also updates the title of the Technology and Infrastructure Chair (formerly Webmaster), whose duties have otherwise not changed.

    To read the existing Constitution and By-Laws, visit our website at

    To vote yes or no to the proposed changes, please visit

    You will need your MSA membership username and password to vote. You can have your username sent to you or request a new password by visiting

    If you cannot log in to vote, please contact the Customer Service Department at Johns Hopkins University Press by email at or by phone at 1-800-548-1784.


    Matt Hart

    MSA President

    On Behalf of the Executive Committee of the MSA

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