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Engaging Literature Students in the Virtual Classroom with the MLA Bibliography

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    Angela Ecklund

    Last Wednesday\’s webinar on using the MLA International Bibliography in the virtual classroom, hosted by Library Journal, is now available as a recording.  Register here to view the recording at any time:

    The webinar focuses on using the MLA International Bibliography in the literature classroom to teach research and writing skills and to develop students’ understanding of and engagement with the scholarly conversation. Tamara F. O’Callaghan, Professor of English at Northern Kentucky University, and Dan Connor, Adjunct Professor of English at the University of Scranton and Associate Editor of the MLA International Bibliography, each discuss how they\’ve used the MLA Bibliography and the MLA\’s free online course on the bibliography in their virtual classrooms. They are joined by MLA staff members Angela Ecklund and Farrah Lehman Den, who provide details about the MLA\’s online course and how to assign it to students.

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