The aim of this group is to gather an international team of scholars interested in the idea of “minor/small literatures”. This is a Eurocentric, provincial, and regional idea so far, not only because it has been defined along the lines of European standards, such as the geopolitics of small nations, the sociolinguistics of minority languages, and the aesthetics of revolutionary modernism, but also due to its identification with the literatures within Mitteleuropa (‘Middle/Central Europe’) as affected by the “great tradition” of German literature.

The aim of this group is to challenge both this internal and external Eurocentrism by placing the concept of “minor/small literatures” in a world context and, hence, comparatively explore and expose its limitations, but also assess its potential. Notice the terminological expansion, whereby, besides the conventional concept of “minor literature” in the Deleuzian lexicon, the relevance of the concept of “small literature” is also claimed.

A list of tentative discussion topics may include:

• Conceptual revision of the Deleuzian concept of “minor literature”
• Other theoretical reflections on minor/small literatures
• Minority/Endangered languages in/and literature
• Language choice and minority writers
• Non-European settings of minor/small literatures
• Ethnic/aborigine/national minority groups in/and literature
• Translation and circulation of minor/small literatures
• Minor/small literatures in the global market
• The aesthetics of minor/small literatures
• The new literary history of minority groups