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CFP, MLA2016 Panel on Mexican Authors 1968 to 80's

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    Beth Ellen Jörgensen

    Solitary Mexicans: Gaps in Contemporary Literary Historiography

    Traditionally, the canon of Mexican literature has been studied by grouping authors into movements, generations, ideological “isms,” or schools. This is a common critical and historiographic procedure that always leaves some authors as not fitting neatly in some of the standard organizational categories. Those are the exceptional cases whose unique or heterogeneous work indirectly justifies group categorizations. And yet for an entire generation of Mexican authors publishing their first book after the 1968 political movement and prior to the neoliberal turn of the economy in the mid-1980s, it occurs that there are not even suitable categories in which to group them, and the authors seem to be on their literary own and with few points in common among them. Panel of three or four 8 pp papers on key questions, hypotheses, or critical approaches to this historiographic gap, on common literary themes applicable to these authors, or on single authors from this period. Send 100-word proposals by March 15 to Ignacio Corona, Ohio State U, corona.7@osu.ed

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