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    When the MLA Went Global: What is Global in the Global Hispanophone?

    The Global Hispanophone Forum is organizing a round table with seven participants representing the different global forums in the MLA. This panel seeks to interrogate the notion of the global from different angles. What is global in the Global Hispanophone, Lusophone, Francophone, Anglophone, Global Arab, Global Jewish or Global South? How do we articulate these fields? What are their blind spots?  Is it possible or desirable to have a unified narrative on what the global means? Please send proposals to


    The Politics and Poetics of Translation in the Global Hispanophone

    Multilingualism within the Global Hispanophone signals the past colonial routes and present migratory flows that complicate the social cohesion national literatures purport to consolidate. Issues of translation, therefore, are steeped in both national and regional tensions, reflecting language policies and diglossic practices that uphold the official status of some languages while relegating others to low-prestige peripheral or private spheres, or raising questions about the inappropriateness of their use in written discourse or in other public spheres. This panel invites papers that address questions of linguistic and cultural hegemony through the lens of translation. What kinds of texts are translated; from and to which languages; how and by whom? How does translation make racial stories legible in—or erase them from—the Spanish-speaking world? How can multilingualism exist within the cultural production of the Global Hispanophone? What is considered ‘untranslatable’ and what are the stakes involved in the choice to withhold translation? Please submit 250-word abstracts to by March 15, 2021.


    Afro-Diasporic Afterlives & Archipelagos Across the Global Hispano

    We invite 250-word abstracts for papers that examine the legacies, archives, and memories of slavery and Afro-diasporic afterlives across the global Hispanophone and archipelagic Mediterranean, Pacific, and Atlantic worlds. The panel also seeks to establish connections between these different regions and/or follow the moment of racialized actors and agents. Topics may include, among others:

    —Alternative memories of slavery

    —Application of concepts such as Refugees/Migrants/Diasporic identities/Transnationalism

    —Spanish as lingua franca and circulation of ideas

    —The politics of memory, memorialization, and mitification

    —Diasporic racialization and the making of racial identities

    —Erasure/forgetting/unmaking of race in transnational and/or diasporic perspectives

    Deadline for Submission: March 15, 2021.



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