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    Noah Guynn

    As you may have heard, the Program Committee has implemented a change to the process of assembling Forum Executive Committees. We will use an appointment model as a trial run for the next three years, meaning the existing committee will select new members. The rationale for this change is that the MLA has heard from many executive committees that it is difficult to find candidates willing to run and that those who have been talked into running and then are not elected often end up disgruntled.

    We have been asked to seek nominations and self-nominations through MLA Commons, with the goal of ensuring broad participation and developing greater diversity.  If you would like to submit a nomination, please send me an email at Bear in mind that only current MLA members are eligible for appointment. Seven convention years must elapse before an individual can serve another term on the same executive committee. No member may serve on more than one executive committee at a given time.

    Noah Guynn

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