MLA 2017 Panel: Caribbean Specters in 1920s Harlem

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    Raphael Dalleo

    This panel, about the presence of the Caribbean in the Harlem Renaissance, takes place on Sunday, January 8th at noon in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Room 112A.
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    <div class=\"_1mf _1mj\" data-offset-key=\"3dddg-0-0\"><span class=\"_5u8u\" spellcheck=\"false\" data-offset-key=\"35qph-0-0\"><span data-offset-key=\"35qph-0-0\"><span data-text=\"true\">Vanessa K. Valdés</span></span></span><span data-offset-key=\"35qph-1-0\"><span data-text=\"true\">, </span></span><span class=\"_5u8u\" spellcheck=\"false\" data-offset-key=\"35qph-2-0\"><span data-offset-key=\"35qph-2-0\"><span data-text=\"true\">Imani Owens</span></span></span><span data-offset-key=\"35qph-3-0\"><span data-text=\"true\">, James C. Davis, and </span></span><span class=\"_5u8u\" spellcheck=\"false\" data-offset-key=\"35qph-4-0\"><span data-offset-key=\"35qph-4-0\"><span data-text=\"true\">Raphael Dalleo </span></span></span><span data-offset-key=\"35qph-5-0\"><span data-text=\"true\">will be part of the panel, presenting on Arturo Schomburg, Eulalie Spence, Nella Larsen, and Eric Walrond.</span></span></div>
    More information about the panel can be found here: <a href=\"\"> </a&gt;

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