MLA 2018, CFP: \”Language Change: Global (Im-)gration and Linguistic Insecurity\”

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    Gerardo Augusto Lorenzino

    Dear colleagues,

    The Executive Committee of the Forum on Language Change is seeking proposals for the session “Language Change: Global (Im-)migration and Linguistic Insecurity\”.  See short and long CFP below.


    Papers exploring how global and local migrations affect language practices and patterns (e.g. linguistic insecurity) inside and outside the community. 300-word abstracts by March 8: Augusto Lorenzino,

    The Forum on Language Change is accepting proposals on “Language Change: Global (Im-)migration and Linguistic Insecurity” for MLA 2018. With increased immigration to developed countries in recent decades we have seen a proliferation in the number of languages, cultures, ethnicities, religions, nationalities and countries represented by the immigrants.  We seek papers that examine how global immigration has an impact on language at the individual and community level contributing to linguistic insecurity and other language-related changes, such as language maintenance, death, choice, lingua franca / ethnolects’ development and other phenomena resulting from migrant contact situations.  How is language policy used to assimilate or marginalize immigrants?  How do natives and immigrants use linguistic and sociocultural knowledge to interact, or not, with each other?  How does language proximity between the immigrant’s language and the host country’s plays a role in migrants’ decision where to emigrate?  These are some of the questions to be raised in the session to help us understand the complex relations between various types of migration and language change.

    Approaches addressing the theoretical and practical relevance of migration in language change from different perspectives (literature, anthropology, sociology, geography, economics, and related areas) are especially welcome.

    Please send a 300-word abstract by March 8, to Augusto Lorenzino (

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