CFP: 2nd North American Symposium of Galician Studies

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    Gabriel Rei-Doval

    2nd North American Symposium of Galician Studies: Academic Renewal, Artistic Communication and Social Innovation

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

    April 20-23, 2016


    As a continuation of the first conference organized by the Galician Studies Research Group at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in May, 2014, this second meeting at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor envisions bringing together researchers and professors who work in the field of Galician Studies, understood in the broadest sense of the term and from any disciplinary and multidisciplinary approach. We encourage submissions of papers with innovative theoretical reflections from diverse geographic intersections as well as essays that recover, revitalize, and give visibility both to the Galician cultural tradition and the most recent cultural production, through engagement with political approaches in the study of culture. The conference will be open to presentations and research projects that contribute to Galician studies in all its complexity. To that end, the organizers wish to facilitate a multilateral dialogue among academics who work in North American universities, other Anglophone countries, Galician and Iberian universities, in addition to some of the most thought-provoking contemporary Galician artists and public intellectuals who, in general, are based in Galicia. Film directors, writers and media communication professionals will be present to speak of their own work and the state of the Galician artistic market, as well as to debate with researchers engaged with, and interested in, Galician Studies.

    The objective of the conference organizers is to attract a representative number of scholars with different theoretical and critical perspectives, belonging to diverse cultural and academic traditions.. Some of the themes we seek to address are: new Galician documentary and cinema; recent literature; the challenges and opportunities stemming from the region’s sociolinguistic reality; the relationship between culture and the public sphere; the relationship between culture and state in Galicia; the relationship between Galician cultural production and the Lusophone and Hispanic world; the relationship between Galicia and emigration; inland Galicia; Galicia of the coastline; the relevance of emigration and pilgrimages from a Galician perspective; proposals dedicated to the study of artists, intellectuals and public figures who already belong to the Galician cultural history, provided that the proposals approach these questions from an innovative angle. The University of Michigan welcomes scholars interested in reflecting collectively about the state of Galician Studies in relation to (among other issues) cultural theory, political thought, anthropology, cultural materialism, and linguistic politics in the context of current global realities.

    We invite abstracts of no more than 300 words in length, in any of the four languages of the conference (English, Galician, Portuguese, and Castilian) before November 15, 2015 to the following address:

    Notification of acceptance: December 15, 2015

    The Conference will have a fee of $75 that is required to be paid during registration.

    Organizers: Cristina Moreiras-Menor (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor), Gabriel Rei-Doval (University of Wisconsin-Milwakee), and Benita Sampedro Vizcaya (Hofstra University).

    For more information, please contact Cristina Moreiras-Menor (

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