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Literacy Studies Forum planning for 2016

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    Suzanne Blum Malley

    Hello everyone,

    I’m please to let you all know that the RCWS Literacy Studies Forum was approved in Nov. 2014 by the MLA Program Committee. We are in the process of putting together a CFP for Literacy Studies papers at MLA 2016.

    The executive committee members are listed below and we will be holding an election this year for the 5th exec committee member:

    • Jim King, Chair 2015-2016
      • Jim King has been Professor of Reading/Literacy Studies since 1990 at the University of South Florida. He is a founding member of the USF Contemporary Literacies Collaborative, has worked in areas of global literacy through studies in Australia and South Africa, and has written and taught extensively in the areas of reading, linguistics/language development, and literacy, all with a birth-adult perspective. His areas of research include media literacies, critical theory and social justice issues in literacy, early literacy and early intervention, gender and queer theories, qualitative research methods, and text analysis.
    • Cheryl E. Ball, Chair 2016-2017
      • Cheryl Ball is Associate Professor of Digital Publishing Studies at West Virginia University and editor of Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy. She  teaches classes in editing, multimedia authoring, and digital publishing and teaches occasional seminars on academic literacies at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design, where she was a Fulbright scholar in 2013-14. Ball has published articles in Classroom Discourse, Computers and Composition, Convergence, and Writing & Pedagogy. She has also published several books, including The New Work of Composing (co-edited with Debra Journet and Ryan Trauman), which won the C&C Distinguished Book Award in 2013, and RAW: Reading and Writing New Media (co-edited with Jim Kalmbach).
    • Suzanne Blum Malley, Chair 2017-2018
      • Suzanne Blum Malley is Interim Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of English at Columbia College Chicago. Her areas of research include multilingual/multimodal literacies and academic writing practices in global online classrooms. Blum Malley’s most recent publication is “Multilingual Literacy Landscapes” co-authored with Alanna Frost in Stories that Speak to Us: Exhibits from the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, edited by H. Lewis Ulman, Scott Lloyd DeWitt, and Cynthia L.Selfe and published by Computers and Composition Digital Press. She is currently working in a collaborative, international literacies project with colleagues in the USA, Singapore, Russia, and South Africa.
    • Alanna Frost, Chair 2018-2019
      • Alanna Frost is Associate Professor of English and Writing Program Administrator at University of Alabama in Huntsville. Frost serves as an Editorial Associate for Literacy in Composition Studies and has recently published “Literacy Stewardship: Dakelh Women Composing Culture” in College Composition and Communication and co-authored “Multilingual Literacy Landscapes” with Suzanne Blum Malley. Frost remains committed to communities who compose within, but are marked as outside of, dominant or institutional discourse. Presently that work involves investigations of multilingual and at-risk college students.
    • Member elected in 2015, Chair 2019-2020

    We are hoping to develop some robust conversation, so please join the group. The executive committee is working on getting our CFP for MLA 2016 out to you all.



    bonnie lenore kyburz

    Great news! If I can help, let me know (esp as I was little help as a very hungy & sleepy meeting-goer in Vancouver’s meet up) 🙂


    Peggy D. Otto

    This is an exciting step for those of us involved in research on literacy.  I look forward to our conversations over the coming year.  I am interested in knowing more about the specific areas of literacy research in which forum members are involved.  My research is in the literacy practices of rural working-class women.  Perhaps there are others in the forum with similar interests.


    Anne W. Anderson

    I see many possibilities for this forum and am looking forward to its development. In response to your excellent suggestion, Peggy, my research is in the area of children’s literature (broadly construed), rhetoric of literacies beyond reading and writing (multimodal, multimedia, other-than-word-based semiotic systems, and non-semiotic processes), and methods of text analysis. How that all comes together is that I analyze literature to discover rhetorical assumptions about literacy.


    Cheryl E. Ball

    Suzanne, do you want us to brainstorm for the CFP here? It’s unclear. Or are we introducing ourselves here?

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