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    Anne Furlong

    Greetings to the membership of LSL Linguistics and Literature!

    Each year our Executive Committee says farewell to its longest-serving member and welcomes a new one. Following the annual MLA Convention, we appoint a new EC member, submitting a short list of names to the MLA by 28 January. The five-year term of service starts in January of 2024, and while MLA membership is required, attendance at the Convention is not.

    What does the EC do? We develop themes for (usually) two panels, putting out the calls for papers, and chairing the sessions at the Convention. You can check this page for more info, and email me at if you would like more details about the EC experience.

    If you are considering joining our L&L family, please email me ASAP: the deadline is fast approaching!

    With best wishes,

    Carly Overfelt, EC Chair, LSL Linguistics and Literature (2023)

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