Executive Committee Members
Carmen Lamas, Jan. 2022
Elena Machado Sáez, Jan. 2023 (2021–Jan. 2022 Ch.)
Marion Christina Rohrleitner, Jan. 2024 (2021–Jan. 2022 Sec.)
Joshua Javier Gúzman, Jan. 2025
Alberto Varon, Jan. 2026
Forum’s Delegate Representative to the MLA Delegate Assembly:
Maritza Cárdenas; 2019-2022
But what, exactly, is an MLA forum supposed to do?
MLA forums—formerly divisions and discussion groups—encompass the scholarly and professional concerns of the association. They promote scholarly and professional activities within their areas of concern. More specifically, we organize sessions at the MLA by generating CFP’s and, often in conjunction with other forums, host a cash bar receptions.
Each forum is governed by an elected executive committee whose five members serve terms of five convention years. A convention year begins after the close of one convention and continues through the close of the next; it is named for the convention that concludes the year.
You may reach any one of the executive committee members at any time via MLACommons.
(With thanks to the Chicana and Chicano Forum for useful description of the Forum’s work.)

Latinx Media: An Open-Access Textbook


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    Rielle Navitski

    I’m excited to announce that a beta version of Latinx Media: An Open-Access Textbook is now available online: https://open.online.uga.edu/latinxmedia/

    Edited by Leslie Marsh and myself (Rielle Navitski) with the support of the Affordable Learning Georgia initiative, the freely available textbook addresses a range of media forms (film, television, and digital media) and identities (issues of race, indigeneity, gender, and sexuality). It also includes media histories of the largest Latinx national-origin groups (Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Central American), and profiles of key Latinx creatives (this section is slated to be significantly expanded with student work as part of the textbook development process). It incorporates chapters from leading and emerging scholars in the field.

    If you might consider using the textbook in your classes and would be willing to provide feedback/solicit feedback from your students, we’re gathering contact information here: https://forms.gle/SrmzLfv75buHrMVQ9

    Please feel free to reach out directly – my email is rnavitsk@uga.edu.

    Rielle Navitski (University of Georgia)

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