For those who care to understand the deep relevance of Kafka for the modern age – this group is a place where all are welcome to share in discovering the esoteric dimension of Kafka’s writings. We are all Josef K.

The Old Commander and Making Amerika Great Again – Torture revisited.

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    Phillip Lundberg

    Those who have the tiniest bit of insight have grave concerns regarding the politics of the 21st century.
    In 1914 Kafka’s genius speaks of the dangers that loom when people are hardly better than dogs and blatant
    lies and prejudices are rampant. I hope that this Kafka group will be a stimulus to better understand Kafka
    and our times from an idealistic persepective where such things as Justice and Truth may be approached.

    I welcome everyone interested to join in this Kafka group.


    Victor Ochoa

    Hi Phillip:

    Magnificent story: using its brutal and very real subject matter to tell a story universal and, for me, with a glimmer of transcendence: the traveler escaping what may be have been his untimely demise at the hands of the officer, boarding the boat to take him to the steamer, enjoining the ruffian island/valley mates to their native-spawned destiny.

    The unmistakable coincidences between the story and the outcome of the Presidential election are uncanny, even in the Freudian sense of the macabre. Especially ominous, the Old Commander’s gravestone inscription:  “after a certain number of years he will rise again . . ”


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