For those who care to understand the deep relevance of Kafka for the modern age – this group is a place where all are welcome to share in discovering the esoteric dimension of Kafka’s writings. We are all Josef K.

Call for Papers: Knowledge & Ethics – 2018 Special Session in NYC:

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    Phillip Lundberg

    NYC 2018 – Special Session Call for Papers: ETHICS & KNOWLEDGE
    Bringing PLATO, CHRIST and Kafka together (Know Thyself; I AM; I am not (yet)) –
    An unusual mix of Philosophy, Religion & Literature that hopes to bring light upon the most important matters:
    Freedom & Necessity; Josef K. and Christ the JUDGE being man’s Higher Self as indicated in Kafka’s The Trial,
    The Parable: Before The Law.
    Obviously, this eclectic mix eschews pedantic schools BUT simply explores the central issue in Man’s Evolution:
    are we merely higher animals or “gods” in the making-? Metamorphosis, Rebirth and the demons and devils &
    may be particularly relevant for our #Time of Estrangement…..

    Email your abstracts (500 words) to me: <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a> – (pdf or doc file).

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