LLC Italian American forum executive committee:
Nancy Caronia, Jan. 2019
Clarissa Clo, Jan. 2020, 2018-2019 Chair
Jessica L. Maucione, Jan. 2021, 2018-2019 Sec.
Teresa Fiore. Jan. 2022
Mary Ann Trasciatti Jan. 2023

Delegate Assembly Representative:
Alan J. Gravano, 2017-2020

Italian American Studies – Working Group

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    Ryan Calabretta-Sajder

    Dear Colleagues,

    We hope you consider joining us for an Italian American Studies Working Group aimed at discussing Italian Americans in the Media. The two sessions will take place the following times:

    • Italian Americans On-Screen I: Friday, January 4, 2019 from 10:15-11:30am, Grand Suite 5 (Hyatt Regency)
    • Italian Americans On-Screen II: Sunday, January 6, 2019 from 8:30-9:45am, Randolph 1 (Hyatt Regency)

    For more information, email Ryan Calabretta-Sajder ( 

    General Abstract: 

    Italian Americans on Screen: Challenging the Past, Re-Theorizing the Future

    “strictly speaking…[Italian-American cinema] applies to works by Italian-American

    directors who treat Italian-American subjects”

    —Casillo, 394


    As Italian American Studies gradually explores and adopts parallels and affinities with the concept of “diaspora,” scholars have broadened their discourses on the interconnections among Italy and the new home(s) of many migrants in North America. The very specific notion of “Italian-American filmmakers” telling stories about “Italian-American subjects” has thus given way to a much more complicated understanding of ethnic spaces, identities, and movements among immigrant groups as portrayed in cinema and other media.


    Although Hollywood boasts numerous Italian-American directors, a surprisingly small number of publications exist addressing Italian-American identity in cinema and other media (McDonald Carolan 2014; Cavallero 2011; Tamburri 2011; Di Biagi 2010; Ferraro 2005; Tamburri 2002; Casillo 2000; D’Acierno 1999; Tomasulo 1996; Lawton 1995; Sembroff Golden 1980). Most research focuses on individual directors and their general opus; minimal attention to questions of ethnicity and their potential influence on the values and artistic visions on screen. This working group, by contrast, inverts the dominant paradigm in two ways: 1) it places in first position variations on the concept of ethnicity through more intersectional approaches to the question of identity and 2) our conjoined work forges new modes of interpretation across directors and media by integrating a variety of contemporary critical theories.


    Claude Barbre (Chicago School of Professional Psychology)

    Pietro Bocchia (U of Notre Dame)

    Ryan Calabretta-Sajder (U of Arkansas, Fayetteville)

    Mary Ann McDonald Carolan (Fairfield U)

    Jonathan Cavallero (Bates C)

    Francesco Chianese (independent scholar)

    Alan J. Gravano (Rocky Mountain U)

    Colleen M. Ryan (Indiana U, Bloomington)

    Sarah Salter (Texas A&M U, Corpus Christi)

    Giuseppe Sorrentino (Wagner C)

    Giacomo Sproccati (California State U, Long Beach)

    Jessica Leonora Whitehead (Ryerson U)

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