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MLA 2020: Southeast Asia-Focused CFPs

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    Sheela Jane Menon

    MLA 2020: Southeast Asia-Focused CFPs

    Having a hard time keeping track of the Southeast Asia-focused CFPs for MLA 2020? See the attached PDF for both the short and long descriptions of these four exciting CFPs! Please feel free to share widely and submit your own abstracts!

    Southeast Asia and Australia: Literary and Cultural Connections: Collaboration between Southeast Asia Forum and Australasian Literary Studies. Explores literary-cultural connections between Southeast Asia and Australia in different genres, media, and languages. 250-word abstract and bio to Weihsin Gui (weihsing@ucr.edu) and Brenda Machosky (machosky@hawaii.edu) by Mar. 15.

    Transmedia Engagement and the Performance of Place in Southeast Asia: How does transmedia storytelling transform the performance of locality and subjectivity in Southeast Asia? What are the implications of such performances for multidirectional critique? Submit 300 word abstract and short bio to Brian Bernards (bernards@usc.edu) by Mar. 15.

    Settler Colonialism in Southeast Asia: How do texts from Southeast Asia illuminate the ways in which place, power, and politics shape settler colonialism in the region? Comparative approaches to genres, contexts, languages, and time periods welcome. Submit 300-word abstract and bio to Sheela Jane Menon (menons@dickinson.edu) by Mar. 15.

    Southeast Asia and the Oceanic: How are Southeast Asian literary and cultural texts conceptualized in the region’s multiple oceanic and maritime contexts? What might other critical confluences like Nusantara, Nanyang, Indian Ocean and Transpacific studies offer? 250-word abstract, 100-word bio to Joanne Leow, U of Saskatchewan (joanne.leow@usask.ca); Nazry Bahrawi, Singapore U of Tech. and Design (nazry_bahrawi@sutd.edu.sg) by Mar. 15.

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