The LLC Hungarian forum is a community of scholars and teachers interested in Hungarian literature and culture in Eastern Europe and far beyond. Our regular panels at MLA conventions have ranged from humor to literary criticism, and from feminism to translation studies, and we are currently proposing film, arts and travel topics for the next conference. We always welcome new members who are studying Hungarian literature and culture or would like to join the field!

LLC Hungarian Forum CFP for abstracts: MLA 2022 (Washington DC, Jan 6-9)

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    Jessie M. Labov

    Hungarian gastronomy and terroir as a source of national identity

    300 word abstract (and bio) on the culinary traditions of the nation; the effects of immigration, transnationalism, tourism, globalization, capital on Hungarian gastronomy; emerging gastro-revolution and haute cuisine; Hungary’s place in the world of wine Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, 24 March 2021 Martha Pereszlényi-Pinter, John Carroll U ( ) Jessie M. Labov, Center for Media, Data and Society ( )


    Collaborative Panel Hungarian LLC and Romanian LLC: Affect and Multilingualism in the United States

    Consider affect-as-excess, diffuse and emergent, and its constant imbrication with multimodalities of power. How can we (re)imagine American multilingualism in terms of affect and a politics of liberation? A 300-word abstract and bio requested. Deadline for submissions: Sunday, 24 March 2021 Martha Pereszlényi-Pinter, John Carroll U ( ) Szidonia Haragos, Zayed U ( )

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