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Panels organized by CLCS 18th-C. (MLA 2020, Seattle)


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    Allison Margaret Bigelow

    Please join us at MLA 2020 for two panels on race, science, and the limits of the human in the global 18th c.:

    Panel #1
    074. Beyond the Border: Plant, Animal, Human. Jan 9, 2020, 1:45 PM–3:00 PM, Sheraton – Ravenna C

    \”Diagramming Race in Eighteenth-Century Science and History,\” Rachael King, U of California, Santa Barbara
    \”Angelic Species in Enlightenment Ecologies: Pope’s Essay on Man,\” Bryan Alkemeyer, C of Wooster
    \”Trans-species Solidarity in the Letters of Ignatius Sancho,\” Sören Hammerschmidt, GateWay Community C, AZ
    \”Monstrosity, Visuality, and the Grammar of the Body in Late Georgian Visual Satire,\” Alexander Creighton, Harvard U
    Presiders: Paul Kelleher, Emory U and Natania Meeker, U of Southern California

    Panel #2
    259. Beyond the Border: Land, Ocean, Air, co-organized with LLS Early American. Jan 10, 2020, 10:15 AM–11:30 AM WSCC – Chelan 4

    \”Piratical Hydrography,\” Jason Payton, U of Georgia
    \”‘Supporting Sinking Nations’: John Dennis and the Red Atlantic Assemblage,\” Matthew Duques, U of North Alabama
    \”‘Between Japan and California’: Cultural Imaginations of the Pacific Ocean in the Early Eighteenth Century\” Yoojung Choi, Texas A&M U, College Station (not delivered in person — look for it on HCommons)
    \”‘Where Nature Has More Finely Wrought’: Freneau’s Republican Air,\” Micah Bateman, U of Texas, Austin
    Presider: Martha Elena Rojas, U of Rhode Island

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