This group is set up to reflect what the impact of globalization has been on second language learning and teaching in the US as well as discuss ways in which a truly global university might better position the teaching and learning of languages within the institution. Our goal is to come up with a conceptual framework for the future global university in which linguistic and cultural knowledge are envisioned as central to its global mission.

Some of the topics to be explored might include the following:
• Outlining the theoretical and critical perspectives needed to understand the changing role of language in a changing society.
• Analyzing the effects of globalization on language teaching as a practice.
• Exploring the impact of the commodification of language(s) and language skills on institutional structures and policies.
• Understanding the use of new media and new technologies in language learning and teaching.
• Evaluating the development of new educational policy and structural reforms required to align language study with new global institutional missions
• Adapting teacher training and educational content to globalization.

This is a private group. To join you must be a registered site member and request group membership.