The CLCS Global Arab and Arab American forum is interested in works of the Arab diaspora, including the cultural production of Arab American and global Arab writers. The category “Global Arab” allows for a broad conceptualization of diasporic and multilingual work situated within the various national, ethnic, religious, and cultural contexts of the Arab world and the Middle East. The designation “Arab American” is linked to the category “Global Arab” yet deserves special attention as a distinct subfield within American literature that engages with the discourses of race and ethnicity in the United States as well as with the history of Arab and Middle Eastern migrations to the Americas.

CLCS Global Arab and Arab American Panels at MLA 2020

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    Karim Mattar

    Dear Friends,

    We write to invite submissions for one or both of the CLCS Global Arab and Arab American Panels at MLA 2020:

    • Poetics and Politics of Defeat: Reconfiguring the Human after the Arab Spring. This panel reconsiders representations of the human / inhuman / posthuman in relation to the Arab Spring and its aftermath. Papers welcome on Arab literary and cultural responses to defeat.  Please send a 200 word abstract and CV to Ala A. Alryyes ( and Rasha Chatta ( by 3/29/2019.
    • Orientalism, Philology, World Literature.  This panel explores the origins of “World Literature” in colonial history, and develops new, decolonizing critical methodologies for a worlded literary studies. Papers welcome on any author, genre, period, field, region, tradition, etc.  Please send a 200 word abstract and CV to Karim Mattar ( and Ahmed Idrissi Alami ( by 3/29/2019.

    We look forward to seeing many of you in Seattle!

    Executive Committee

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