The CLCS Global Arab and Arab American forum is interested in works of the Arab diaspora, including the cultural production of Arab American and global Arab writers. The category “Global Arab” allows for a broad conceptualization of diasporic and multilingual work situated within the various national, ethnic, religious, and cultural contexts of the Arab world and the Middle East. The designation “Arab American” is linked to the category “Global Arab” yet deserves special attention as a distinct subfield within American literature that engages with the discourses of race and ethnicity in the United States as well as with the history of Arab and Middle Eastern migrations to the Americas.

CFP: Arab American Women: Representation, Reception and Subjectivity

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    S K

    Society for the Study of American Women Writers (SSAWW) Triennial Conference
    November 4-8, 2015
    Sheraton Society Hill, Philadelphia, PA

    Panel on “Arab American Women: Representation, Reception and Subjectivity in Contemporary American Literature by Women”

    This panel welcomes papers that examine how Arab American women are represented in women’s writing and in particular how Arab American women authors subvert, negotiate or overturn ethnic and gender stereotypes.

    Some of the issues that could be examined include: the role an author’s ethnicity plays in depicting Arab American women; audience’s reception and expectations regarding representations of Arab American women; the techniques that have allowed Arab American women authors to negotiate, rewrite or subvert ethnic, political, and racial stereotypes; and the impact of 9/11 on Arab American gendered subjectivity.

    Proposals of 250-350 words are welcome. Please send them to: along with your name, e-mail, and affiliation by Feb. 10 , 2015

    For more information, please check:”

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