New Rust Belt Literature Group at the Commmons (Folklore, too!)

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    Gloria Lee McMillan

    Ever since Indiana University Folklore professor Richard M. Dorson (1975) surveyed NW Indiana to see if industrial workers had their own folklore (they did) we have been part of your area.  His Land of the Mill Rats  (Harvard UP) is a landmark folklore study.
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    Rust Belt Literature

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    We welcome your participation in the Rust Belt Literature group.

    This group will host discussions of all types of literary responses to living in the Rust Belt, defined here as industrial communities in the United States. Those ho have been affected by the rust belt go beyond simply those who have grown up these. In a class-based society, people who have never lived anywhere near the rust belt may hold media-inspired attitudes about the Rust Belt and those who live there. We offer fresh exposure those not from the Rust belt, fresh air and news to those from the Rust Belt.

    We may overlap at times with eco-literature, ethnic and race studies, labor fiction, and regional literature.

    Welcome home!




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