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CFPs for THREE ecological panels for MLA 18 NYC

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    Jeffrey Cohen

    Please follow this link to access all three, or see below.

    How does place <i>matter</i> and <i>insist</i>, even at a hotel-centric MLA conference? The main focus of this roundtable is upon its NYC environs (at any point in time, and widely constructed: the Hudson, urban parks and ecosystems, tectonics, superstorm impacts, environmental justice: cities across long durations, or urbanity as space that opens very small scales). We also welcome otherwise-located considerations of “climate controlled” spaces to place into conversation as well. We are hoping to schedule a field trip to a nearby ecological site as part of this panel as a spur to communal thinking. 150 word abstracts by March 1 to Jeffrey Cohen,
    <div><b>LEGAL ECOLOGIES</b></div>
    <div>co-sponsored with MLA Law and Humanities forum
    For this roundtable session on “Legal Ecologies,” a collaboration between the MLA Law and Humanities forum and Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities forum, proposals are invited for short, 8-10 minute papers. Participants may consider a wide range questions, including, but not limited to, the following: how does the notion of ecology help us redescribelegal experience in terms that don’t depend on the grammar of the “I” and the “me”? What might we learn about key legal concepts such as intention, consent, judgment, responsibility, property, and personhood if we view them from an interspecies and/or materially grounded perspective? How might this theoretical re-orientation translate into new possibilities for environmental justice?
    150-word abstracts by 10 March to Kevin Curran,

    <div>Forum: TC Science and Literature
    Investigation of scientific and/vs. literary histories of weather, atmosphere, climate in particular cultural contexts, medieval period to present. Abstract (250 words) – bio (100 words) by 15 March 2017; Allison Carruth (</div>

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