Nominations: Pre-14th Century Chinese Forum Executive Committee/Delegate Assembl

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    Jack W. Chen

    Pre-14th Century Chinese Forum Executive Committee/Delegate Assembly Nominations!

    MLA has instituted a change to the staffing of forum executive committees, moving from an election-based process to an appointment-based one. As a result, it is all the more important that members who wish to serve on the executive committee for our forum put forward their names so that they may be considered by the current executive committee during our annual business meeting in January. The committee sponsors two to three sessions each year for the annual meeting and helps to showcase emerging scholarship and seed future collaborative research in the field. If you are interested in helping to transform the Anglophone-centered culture of MLA and to support new, innovative scholarship in premodern Chinese literary and cultural studies, please consider nominating yourself. We are particularly interested in appointing early career and untenured scholars as the current committee consists of three tenured professors and two untenured professors.

    We are also fielding nominations to the Delegate Assembly (information here: Members of the Assembly are responsible for elections to the MLA central committees and for making recommendations to the MLA Executive Council, among other important matters.

    Please send your self-nomination to me at, and I will forward your nomination to the committee for discussion. Thank you for reading!

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