Navigating the MLA: A Guide for East Asian Scholars

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    Kelly Y. Jeong

    Navigating the MLA: A Guide for East Asian Scholars

    An interactive discussion for East Asian scholars on how to master the intricacies of the

    MLA covering Forums, Elected Committees, the Delegate Assembly, MLA Commons,

    and more.

    Guaranteed Session Sponsored by the East Asian Forum.

    Christopher Lupke Presiding.


    Pamela Herron

    I would be interested in this especially if I could address it from the point of view of contingent or non-tenured faculty.


    Melek Ortabasi

    What a great idea for networking and sharing information. Thanks for doing this and please post to all East Asian forums!


    Christopher M. Lupke


    Thanks for your interest. The MLA is a multifaceted organization with lots of different things going on. Those in East Asian Studies are mostly fairly new to the MLA. Thus, we are organizing this session to give an overview of what the MLA does and how to navigate it. There also will be ample time for questions and comments. Members of the audience can be anyone, and that means being at any stage of one’s career, being in a tenured/tenure track position or in a contingent position, being interested in one particular culture/language/society in East Asia or in a comparative approach. There are no restrictions. We will look at the MLA website and discuss such things as governance, developing a session, serving on an appointed or elected committee, the Delegate Assembly, etc.


    Best wishes,

    Christopher Lupke

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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