MLA 2016 Austin: Panel Ideas?

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    Charlotte Eubanks

    Reiterating Melek’s invitation to submit panel ideas, anyone who has an idea for panels on Asian literature, broadly conceived, feel free to email them to Melek or I ( and/or to attend either of the Executive Committee meetings in-person at Vancouver.



    Charlotte Eubanks

    Maybe it’d help to put some ideas out there? Let me know if any of these seem appealing, or propose others to be discussed at the Exec Committee meeting in Vancouver:

    * Between page and stage: performance literature in premodern east asia

    * women and the premodern canon

    * music and literature

    * reading asian religious texts as literature

    other ideas?


    Paul Rouzer

    Hi — sorry not to respond to this earlier — was out at a conference.

    The “reading Asian religious texts as literature” is particularly attractive to me — I would have suggested that even if you didn’t bring it up! And I think it’s something we need to encourage more in the field.

    “Women and the premodern canon” would be nice as well — I think in that case we should problematize the category of “women’s literature” (possibly even the category of “women”) in a proposal — perhaps recommend papers that discuss the specific social presence of different groups of women at various points in literary history. For example, in China there were courtesan poets and other texts that either were authored by women or were supposedly for a female audience — but it wasn’t until in 16th century that “women’s literature” as a category was conceptualized.

    “Music” is great, but I bet we’d have a hard time getting contributors.




    Shun-Chang Kevin Tsai

    All these are wonderful ideas! With regard to “women and the premodern canon” — why not “nimen” or “tamen” and the premodern canon? I feel that perhaps we need to clarify who we/you/they are, though an exciting topic this might be even in this somewhat ambiguous form. Alright, back to grading Chinese 101 exams…


    Li Guo

    The above discussion about women’s presence and the premodern canon is very interesting to me as well. This will be a wonderful topic to draw scholars who specialize in women represented in poetry, fiction and drama in late imperial period as well as historical context for such representations.


    Monika Dix

    I also support the idea of women’s presence and writing in the premodern canon. How about something like “women, agency, and literary production (“literary arts” if you think about music, drama, etc.) in premodern East Asia”???

    Just a thought that we can discuss more in Vancouver.

    Monika Dix


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