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    Andrea Mendoza

    Hi all,

    We are still accepting papers for the LLC Japanese since 1900 panels, \”Antiracist Pedagogy in Modern Japanese Studies\” and \”Decolonial and Indigenous Interventions in Japanophone Media/Literature.\” Please share and consider submitting!

    Below are the longer versions for each call with instructions on how to submit:   

    Antiracist Pedagogy in Modern Japanese Studies (1900-present)

    We invite papers exploring antiracist pedagogies in modern (1900 to the present) Japanese Studies classrooms, program curricula, and campus/disciplinary outreach. In particular, we seek presentations that are intersectional in approach, taking into consideration relations between race and class, gender, sexuality, ability, citizenship, indigeneity, and/or ability. We welcome applicants from any background and especially encourage applications from junior faculty, independent scholars, and late-stage graduate students whose work is directly engaged in antiracist pedagogies and social justice initiatives.


    Decolonial and Indigenous Interventions in Japanophone Media and Literature (1900-present)

    This panel invites papers that apply approaches in indigenous studies and epistemologies to the study of study Japanophone cultural, intellectual, and aesthetic productions. Given the long history and global legacy of Japanese colonialisms and settler colonialisms, this panel considers the entangled histories of indigenous expropriation in and beyond the Asia-Pacific as not only pertinent to, but also crucial to the decolonization of Japanophone media and literary studies. We welcome applicants who are early career/NTT faculty, advanced graduate students, and independent scholars whose work focuses on the intersectional study of media (broadly defined) from the critical perspectives of Global Indigenous Studies, critical race studies, Transpacific Studies, Pacific Islander Studies, Ainu Studies, Okinawan Studies, and decolonization theory.

    Instructions: Please send a 300-word abstract and a short bio to: and by March 25, 2021.

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