CFP: Literature and Film in Neoliberal East Asia

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    Kelly Y. Jeong

    CFP: Literature and Film in Neoliberal East Asia

    A Forum Session at the next MLA convention in Chicago, January 3-6, 2019


    In recent decades East Asian societies have felt the reach of neoliberalism as a culture, a set of economic policies, and political agenda, which has informed people’s lives in various ways. This guaranteed panel for Modern Language Association’s LLC East Asian Forum is an opportunity to present works that discuss literature and film in neoliberal East Asia.


    Some questions that papers might address through a study of East Asian literary and cinematic texts include the following:


    How does neoliberalism reshape and reorganize the socio-economy in such a way as to produce new class systems? What are the most valuable assets for individuals and for families in neoliberal societies and world order? Is there a relationship between the surging of misogyny and neoliberal politics? How does neoliberalism impact and control transnational circulations of tangible and intangible things such as consumer products and labor, knowledge and power, and popular cultures? How does neoliberalism affect experiences of space, geography, and travel?


    Please submit a 250-word maximum abstract in MS word format via email attachment by March 15 to the session organizer Kelly Jeong. Abstracts will be selected by March 25. Presenters must be current MLA members.


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