AAS 2024 Seattle CFP: Verge-sponsored panel on Inter-Asia Intermediality

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    Brian Bernards

    AAS 2024: Call for Papers for Verge-sponsored Panels

    Inter-Asia Intermediality: The Transboundary Production of Global Asian Mediascapes

    Organizers: Brian Bernards (bernards@usc.edu) and Elmo Gonzaga (egonzaga@cuhk.edu.hk)

    Intermediality and inter-Asia have gained recent visibility as key buzzwords in the humanities, being the focus of scholarly conferences, journals, and monographs with intertwined timelines and trajectories. Theories of intermediality arose at the turn of the millennium in response to technological innovations that radically transformed the platforms and networks for media circulation and consumption, challenging the limits of media studies by laying the groundwork for emergent critical approaches to comprehend the digitization of print and audiovisual media not only as conditions of passage and transformation but as processes of simultaneity and hybridization. Similarly, inter-Asia cultural studies emerged as a challenge to the inadequacies of Asian area studies to encourage scholarship interrogating processes of regionalization in Asia in all their unevenness and variation while recognizing no natural “cultural and/or historical unity” to Asia as an imagined entity. Following the transboundary and transmedia impulses of both fields, our panel casts the concept of intermediality into a mutually productive dialogue with inter-Asia to forge a new framework for interpreting overlooked or unanticipated media and cultural phenomena and to expand the possibilities for interdisciplinary knowledge production in media studies, area studies, and cultural studies. Inter-Asian flows and conditions test and extend the parameters of media forms and platforms, while transmedia processes and technologies unsettle and transform understandings of national and regional identity. This panel proposes a framework and method of inter-Asia intermediality by inviting papers that highlight connections and exchanges but also uncover tensions and discontinuities in processes of transboundary and trans-platform media regionalization.

    250 word abstracts and 2-page CVs should be submitted to organizers by July 28, 2023. Please find the individual panel statements and the organizers’ contact information below. Please note: these panels will be submitted for the in-person AAS conference in Seattle, March 14–17, 2023. A PDF of this call is available here. For questions, contact gai@psu.edu.


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