CFP: The Sonic Imagination of Modern Korean Literature (MLA 2017)

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    Jina E. Kim

    The Sonic Imagination of Modern Korean Literature


    Viewing implied reader as situated listener, the panel examines the significance of voice, rhythm, and music in the literary production of modern Korea. 250-word abstract and 1-p CV by March 15, 2016; Jina Kim (<u></u>).


    Literary modernization in Korea is seldom discussed in terms of sonic and musical representations. The panel aims to present studies that reconstruct the “boundary conditions” of modern Korean literary production with a particular focus on sonic elements as constitutive textual and inter-textual factors. With a view to relating the acculturation and innovation of the sonic imagination to modern literary vernacularization, the panel seeks papers that deal with sounds, voice, music and dialects from different chronotopes, the confluence between literature and audiovisual genres, the incorporation of traditional folk or contemporary popular songs into prose fiction, or the interlingual use of rhythms in verse and prose, among others.


    To facilitate dialogue on the sonic across various literary and cultural media, the panel takes up the idea of a situated listener, who is presumed to share, recall, absorb, retrieve, and activate the knowledge of sounds in order to fully understand the given text. Analytic attention will be paid to the trajectories and repertoires of prominent vocal, rhythmic, and musical configurations that are embedded and embodied in literary works and serve to forge connections between seemingly disconnected registers. We especially welcome approaches that deal with the roles of sounds, soundscapes, and listeners in relation to categories of identity, such as colonial or ethnic nation, gender, class, region, and generation.


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